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CabinBike™ enclosed motorcycle by Fred Nelson Fabrication


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Cabin Bike Landing Gear

Second Generation

The landing gear is a rolling kick stand of sorts and is intended to be deployed generally at low speeds on smooth terrain when the vehicle is level (zero degree roll). The gear is operated by the driver. 

The second generation landing gear is pneumatic.  The system consists of 2 pneumatic cylinders (a.k.a air rams), an on-board compressor, air holding tank, and a bank of 4 solenoids. The solenoids are wired in pairs. The first pair pushes air into one end of the ram while allowing air out of the opposite end. The second pair operates similarly, however, in the opposite direction. See schematic below.


Upper air ram mount

  Compressor Mounting Plate


 Exterior control panel



Landing gear exploded view

   Solenoid mounting plate  Schematic

Lower Ram Tab

  Landing gear position indicators


Learn more about the landing gear in the members area.


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