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 The head tube

We need the stock steering head tube inner sleeve up front and we don't need it in the rear. Press the sleeve out of the TL 1000  frame and re-install it into the head tube in the front end of the cabin bike.



The TL1000's aluminum inner  sleeve contains the races for the steering bearings. We don't need these in the rear and DO need them up front.

We'll machine a new aluminum head tube for the sleeve to fit into up front.   The aluminum material blank needed is 6.44 x 3.5 x 3/8 wall round tubing (source:   

Head to chassis. NOTE:  Head angle is 23.7 degrees (steel prototype shown here).


The aluminum head tube is welded into the head tube plate (a.k.a "fork pass through assembly"). Verify that the tube is perfectly aligned. If this tube is not perfectly located, the front forks will not be aligned properly.




The stock bearings in the TL1000 head tube are a little small. We replaced them with aftermarket upgraded heavy duty bearings.



 After removing the aluminum sleeve from the stock frame, install the "bearing eliminator plates" top and bottom on the stock frame.







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