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CabinBike™ enclosed motorcycle by Fred Nelson Fabrication   




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        Enclosed motorcycle aluminum chassis from FNFAB

Frame to firewall angle                                                                    

History of the chassis for our enclosed motorcycle

We tried 3 chassis styles.

The first attempt used common steel tubing and simple steel plates intended to hold a fiberglass body. Sadly, it turned out to be too heavy. 

The second style used thinner steel tubing and thinner steel plates with some aluminum components. Again, this was still headed to being too heavy.

The third chassis prototype which is now officially our CabinBike™  is all aluminum.

Components are plasma cut from pre-programmed CNC cutting patterns. MIG welded with aluminum wire using a spool gun.


To weld aluminum with a spool gun is relatively easy.  If you already have a MIG welder, the equipment to weld aluminum is only a couple hundred dollars.  MIG welding aluminum is FAST and cheap compared to TIG welding. Although the welds might not be as pretty as TIG welding, the average guy can MIG weld with a spool gun with very little experience (assuming you know how to MIG weld).


Early mock-up and testing TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 chassis:



   prototype lean tests click here


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