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CabinBike™ enclosed motorcycle by Fred Nelson Fabrication



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Enclosed motorcycle drive train

  The donor vehicle for our enclosed motorcycle project is the Suzuki TL1000R super bike. Stock performance specifications from various sources are: Horse Power 135 @ 9500 rpm, Torque 78 ft lbs @ 7500 rpm,  Top Speed around 165 MPH,  0-60 MPH 3.2 seconds,  1/4 mile 10.5 seconds @ around 135 MPH.  Weight 507 pounds (wet, no passengers), Maximum Gross Weight 900 pounds (stock, loaded).  Fuel consumption 34 MPG.   Front suspension travel 4.5 inches, rear suspension travel 4.9 inches. 

Front tire:  120/70-17  ZR 58W Front

Rear Tire: 190/50-17 ZR 73W Rear. To learn more about tires click here.



 Additional TL1000R we used in the original prototyping phase. To prevent damage to our nice TL1000R donor, we purchased an additional frame and forks to use during prototyping phase of our enclosed motorcycle kit. NOTE: kit builders don't need to do this, we did it during development of the original prototype only.


Here we see how the TL1000 fits behind the firewall.



"Parting out" the donor bike

Although the CabinBike™ kit is designed to prevent permanent damage to the donor bike (in the event you wish to re-assemble the TL1000 R at some point) we chose to sell off the unused parts from our donor as we don't plan to re-assemble it. The unused parts shown here are being sold to recover some of the expense of the donor vehicle.    

TL1000R mirror fairing brace, Anodized red, perfect condition. SOLD

Sold on eBay for $39.99 plus $10 shipping


TL1000R rear seat. Perfect condition. SOLD

Sold on eBay for $97.99 plus $18 shipping 


TL1000R front seat. Excellent condition. SOLD

Sold on eBay for $73.99 plus $18 shipping.


TL1000R headlight speedometer support bracket. Excellent condition. SOLD

Sold on eBay for 46.00 including shipping.


TL1000R left front foot peg assembly with shift lever, bracket, linkage rod. SOLD

Sold on eBay for 41.99 plus $10.95 shipping


TL1000R right front foot peg assemble with brake lever, bracket, shield. SOLD

Sold on eBay for $39.99 plus $10.95 shipping


TL1000R tail light assembly. SOLD

Sold on eBay for $29.98 plus $10.95 shipping

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