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Why Join?






ADVERTISE ON OUR ENCLOSED MOTORCYCLE. Advertisers ("sponsors") will also enjoy incidental and intentional exposure on our website right away.

AND.... all sponsors will receive a "CabinBike Mechanic's Credentials" level pass (membership) for our website ... $199 value!  learn more

Area available on the vehicle:

  This opportunity is for a large area covering the lower "crash" panel on the exterior of the physical vehicle (both sides).

Website exposure:  

   Your logo will be seen in new photos, drawings, and other artwork created for and during the advertising campaign (i.e. service manuals, website content, promotional material).

Campaign/Display dates  

  APRIL 2015 - April 2016.

Additional costs

Additional costs may include the cost of producing custom decals or physical signage or logos.

You can provide your own existing decals or vector artwork if desired. If we need to produce signage, fees may apply.  Surface material is non magnetic.

Payments via PayPal. See the sponsor listings in our CabinBike store

CONTACT US with questions.

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