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Enclosed motorcycle body.

The body for our enclosed motorcycle. 

   The objective was to find the cheapest (fastest) method for body construction then develop a body with that in mind.

     I explored fiberglass, aluminum, and foam/resin..... but for this project these methods all seemed too cumbersome and expensive.  The method I finally decided to utilize is simple thermally formed plastic.

     To learn more about thermoforming, I designed and experimented with a few different small plastic forming machines  learn more.


     The little vacuum machine worked very well. I was surprised. I hoped that I would be able to make some small body parts (like the wheel pocket learn more), Maybe some interior parts. But after working with the thermoforming and discovering that it was relatively cheap and easy, I decided thermal plastic forming was definitely the way to go for the entire body....similar to a modern sport bike with ABS "plastics". These plastics generally just 'pop' on or fasten with a couple light screws or quarter turn fasteners.  

Since the body "skin" has nothing to with the structure of the vehicle it can be the thinnest and lightest (cheapest) material possible.  Plastic fairings are made using a diversity of plastic formulas and methods. I'm more interested in the 'concept' of the plastic body construction rather than any particular material or process. On a sport bike, small sections and components can be replaced (and made) individually.   Photo courtesy



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