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Question: What is a "donor vehicle" and why do you say it's a "non-sacrificial donor"?

Answer: Our kit uses nearly all of the components from a Suzuki TL 1000 motorcycle still intact for the drivetrain and various sub systems (i.e. frame, front end, engine, transmission, electrical system, cooling system, tires, wheels etc..).  Our CabinBike kit does not require that you permanently modify your motorcycle in any way.  Everything having to do with the bike bolts-on or plugs in. This means you can leave the donor bike running and driving until the last minute before you install it into the kit and theoretically, you can pull the components of your bike back out of the CabinBike at any time and put it back together 100%. 

Question: Can I make the dash curved? (AND/OR) Why didn't you make the dash face curved?

Answer:  (1) We found that fabricating a dash to accept common lights, breakers, gauges, displays, etc.. is far more difficult with a curved surface. Whether we make it here or you are tying to make one yourself, a curved dash requires a great deal of work fabricating the 'socket' where each item is mounted because the various lights, switches, and instrumentation were all designed to be mounted on a flat surface of some sort.  We elected to keep it simple.  (2) Some owners my elect to have a computer screen (note pad) dominate the center dash area requiring a large flat surface. (3) Curving the dash brought the edges too close to the hand controls.

Question: Can I buy parts for the omni wheel from you like the bushings and tires?

Answer: These items are all common and readily available from national vendors.  We concentrate on providing only the most unusual or custom parts specific to our own Cabin Bikes.  If you buy a complete wheel assembly from us, we include (install) all of these items.  For information on where to buy these items from the outside vendors we use, see omni-directional wheels on the site map.

Question: Why should I 'join' the website by paying to become a member?

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