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Landing gear wheels

     The landing gear is not designed to hold the weight of the entire bike, nor does it need to. The gear serves only as a rolling kick stand.  Since the cabin bike stands nearly vertical when the gear is deployed, the wheels, axles, spindles, and arms only hold a small percentage of the bike's weight under normal operating conditions.  The gear is not designed to be used at speeds over a few miles per hour. Use only on smooth terrain.

Ooops. NOTE: some of the photos here show washers in between the bushings and spindle. Washers should only be installed under the nut on the outside of the spindle. 

                  Geometry retracted   Geometry deployed


Due to the fact that conventional outrigger tires 'scrub' when turning, we developed our own omni-directional wheels.  To learn more about omni wheels click here.





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