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Landing gear parts list

Motor and gear box:   Harbor Freight 5,000 lb Electric ATV/UTV Winch with Automatic Load-Holding Brake (including relays, wiring, and switch).   The winch will need to be modified. Watch our videos to see how to re-configure the winch. More about modifying the winch click here


Limit switches: Heavy duty push button starter switch (long neck required).  Also known as a sealed marine or diesel momentary starter push button. Normally off.  Two required. One is used to stop the motor in each direction.


Landing gear limit switch spring: Fits over the switch shaft (above).  The gear has a small amount of 'over-run' after the power is cut due to the momentum of the landing gear in motion. This spring allows the stop botton(s) to be depressed past the point where the switch bottoms out (to prevent breaking the switch). Install them accordingly.

Axles: (2) 5/8ths x 4 inch hex bolts, washers, lock nuts.  Weld to spindles, head inside.


(3) 7/16ths rod ends, lock nuts. 2) LH 1) RH




(1) 7/16ths Clevis. RH. Connects to the 1/2 inch thick bell crank on the starboard side landing gear.


(3) 7/16ths clevis pins. 2 of these are used with the rod ends. One will need to be trimmed so it is just a blank pin. No head, no hole. The  "blank" pin is used with the clevis (above) and will need to be tack welded or crimped in place.  Note: one of the rods ends uses a nut and bolt, no pin.


(4) Generic Rubber mounts. 2 inch diameter.  These are used to mount the gear assembly to the chassis/body. TIP: use a rubber freeze plug  (


10 inch wheel assembly (rim, tire, tube, bearings, valve stem). For 5/8ths axle. 320 lb rated. No speed rating.



Plastic bushings TIP: you can cut a section of common plastic pipe to use as a bushing.  Steel sleeves (1/2 inch tubing). TIP: cut .02 - .05 inches longer than the bushing.                 1 inch 1/8 wall tubing.



(4) 3/8ths by 2 -1/4 bolts, nuts, lock washers (spindles).

(2) 3/8ths x 3 hex bolts (connects mounts, plates 2 and 3)

(2) 3/8 x 4 hex bolts (upper tube, inner)

(2) 3/8 x 2-3/4 hex bolts (lower tubes, inner)

(1) 7/16 x 1-3/4 hex bolt, lock nut (for rod end)

(4) Main arms:  Steel tubing. 1 inch OD. 1/8th wall. see tube lengths

(2) Push rods:  Steel tubing. 1 inch OD. 1/8th wall.


(1) Steel tubing. 1.5 OD, 1.25 ID x 1 in. long

(1) Plastic bushing. 1.25 in. OD, 1 in. ID x 1 inch long

(1) Steel tubing. 1 inch OD .120 wall x 1 inch long






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