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CabinBike™ enclosed motorcycle by Fred Nelson Fabrication


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Cabin Bike Omni-Directional Wheel (omni wheel)

Tested capacity with soft rubber wheels is 200+ pounds (although not officially rated).



Purchase the CNC cutting file for this item. Contact us.


Additional parts required to complete:

2 x .75 rubber wheels.  Qty. 22 (TIP: use a 2 inch rubber freeze plug (

5/16 steel rod for axles.  1.7 inches long. Qty. 22 (

Bronze flange bushing 5/16 ID 1/2 OD 3/8 tall.  Qty. 44 (

Steel or aluminum tubing .75 OD .120 wall 1 inch long.  Qty. 4.

 1/4-20 x 2 carriage bolt and nut.  Qty 4.

#6 x 3/4 Allen head cap screw and nut. Qty. 44

1 wheel hub with bearings (from a conventional 10 inch wheel (similar to: TIP: be sure the hub is bolted to the rim (removable, not welded). Be sure the hub accepts a 5/8 axle. DOT approved trailer hub preferred.... look for tires marked 'slow speed' as opposed to "not for highway use".

FYI: use 3/16ths aluminum for all of the main plates, 16 gage steel for the retaining clips.

 Demonstration of tire scrubbing action with conventional tires:



Omni-directional wheel eliminates tire scrub and improves maneuverability:

Omni-directional wheel outdoor test



Learn about fabricating the axle retainer clips for our 10 inch omni-directional wheels: See the MEMBERS AREA