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CabinBike™ enclosed motorcycle by Fred Nelson Fabrication


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CabinBike™ downloadable drawings come in 3 formats

 .pdf format drawings are high resolution line drawings that are easy to download and view.  Look for ".pdf" at the end of the file name to identify these types of files.  Generally, pdf files download and open automatically with the Adobe .pdf viewer on a desk top or lap top computer.  Just click the link for a pdf file and the file should open for viewing.  On a mobile device you can use the Kindle app (or equivalent ).  Many pdf viewers are free. Try the sample pdf format drawing below.

.dxf format drawings are full scale 'vector' drawings used for CNC cutting and require special software to open. Your local plasma, laser, or water jet shop will know how to open and use dxf files.  NOTE: .dxf format files are large files and we have compressed or 'zipped' them for faster file transfer. Click the appropriate link to download the zipped file then unzip the file after downloading (download the sample dxf format test file below).

.skp format drawings are interactive full 360 degree 3D color drawings designed for use on an iOS or Android mobile device (tablet or smart phone).  With touch screen interactivity, you can zoom, rotate, pan, and explore every angle of the drawing (sample video below).


Here are a few samples of our CabinBike™ downloadable CAD drawings in various formats for you to explore (a complete list is available to website members learn more)

Dash Face Master.pdf  Sample pdf file (see instructions above)

Click the link to begin download, if it does not open automatically it may be in your "downloads" folder (desk top) or "notifications"  (mobile app).


Dash Face Master.dxf  Sample dxf file (see instructions above)

click the link to begin download










More drawings and files are available in the members area.

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