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Windshield (canopy) and frame.  The windshield* is glued and/or riveted to the windshield frame. Then, this assembly is bolted to the chassis (as opposed to having the canopy glued permanently to the body). Since the canopy with it's attached frame are bolted in, this allows us to install and remove the entire section during construction and for maintenance later.


The 'glass seat'  sections of the windshield frame are deigned to conform to the correct shape once welding begins. For example, the sides of the windshield frame (vertical glass seat) are assembled by beginning to weld at the bottom then bending to conform to the vertical hoops as we weld. As we continue to weld towards the top of the frame, the parts will fall into place.

The lower window seat (horizontal glass seat) sections are installed in the same manner as above. Flat sections are tack welded and carefully bent into shape as we weld.,

The entire 'glass seat' section of the frame has compound curves. Not only does the seat need to be bent to conform to the main hoops, it also slants more and more inward as we move towards the center (front) and top.  The corners are nearly vertical but the front and top sections have a pronounced slant to help make a smooth transition from the curve of the body to the curve of the windscreen.


Lower "A pillar" locations and dimensions samples.

For more complete and up-to-date drawings see the members area.


Windshield frame layout and dimensions sample (blank). 

For more complete and up-to-date drawings see the members area.


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